Top Fitness Tips for your Next Trip to the Gym in Daphne, AL

There are a lot of people that seek out a gym in Daphne in order to improve their fitness and well-being, but the problem with people who frequent the gym is that they’re quick to use the free weights and even the Precor equipment – but they’re slow to actually figure out how to use it. Members at most common gyms don’t generally seek out help from more experienced members or staff because they don’t want to seem clueless. Likewise, most gyms, including many of those in Daphne, AL have staff that don’t generally care to assist people randomly unless they’re asked for help.

It’s not that the staff don’t care, but assuming that people need help is a good way to offend someone.

The result is that people wind up using machines improperly, and they never create a structured workout for themselves that target all the muscle groups appropriately. On many occasions, they only target primary muscle groups like the biceps, abs and upper legs. They rarely get into the workouts that target all of the muscle groups.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, here are some tips to help you target more areas of your body.

These are some of the best fitness tips to use next time you go to the gym in Daphne:

Build Better Abs: Don’t bother working on your abs every day. It’s like every other muscle in your body, and you can overwork it. Just train your abs two or three times a week.
Protect your Neck: If you position your tongue in the roof of your mouth while doing crunches, it will actually help you keep your neck in a neutral position. This will prevent strain commonly associated with crunches.
Staying Limber: If you’re younger than forty then you should hold your stretches for approximately thirty seconds. For those that are over forty years old, try to hold the stretches a bit longer in order to keep the muscles limber. As you age your muscles become gradually less pliable over time so you’ll need to stretch out longer to maintain the effectiveness of the stretch while at the gym in Daphne.
Trim the Time for Weight Training: Don’t weight train to build muscle for more than an hour. After about 60 minutes the body starts to produce excess cortisol – a stress hormone. This has a muscle-wasting testosterone blocking effect on the body which will stunt your workout results.
Set a Workout Plan: Keep an order to your workout starting with dumbbells, then barbells and finally the machines. It’s important to do it in this order because the smaller stabilizer muscles you use with dumbbells will fatigue before the larger muscle groups. That means do the machines last, which focus more on primary muscles and less on stabilizer muscles.
Focus on your Core: Fear not the sit-up – a sit-up will increase your range of motion and that means your abs work harder and longer. The only thing you should avoid is doing sit-ups with your feet anchored as this can strain your lower back.