Lifetime Basketball Hoops – The Best Goals Offered by Lifetime

One of the founding companies of the modern basketball hoop industry is Lifetime Basketball Hoops. They are famous for really making basketball hoops cheap enough for everyone to get one and fairly easy to install. Today, Lifetime is still leader for anyone who is looking to get a basketball hoop in their home driveway. But with such a huge and impressive selection, how can you even be sure you getting the best Lifetime basketball goal for your home. Here are some the greatest lifetime systems you should have your eye on if you want to buy:

If You Are Looking to Get a Deal – One of the best selling basketball hoops that you can find anywhere is the Lifetime 71793 Lifetime Basketball Hoop. The reason it is so popular is that you are getting a pretty good hoop for a cheap price. The forty eight inch backboard is a good size for residential play, and if you add in a ground sleeve, this unit exceptionally easy to use.

If You Want a Glass Backboard – Glass backboards are the best that you can find anywhere, because their rebound is so responsive. But these systems are typically pretty pricey, costing at least a thousand dollars, and often more. Fortunately, lifetime has a high quality Lifetime basketball hoop that typically costs under seven hundred dollars: the Lifetime 79971 basketball goal. This goal, besides coming with a real fifty four inch glass backboard, also comes with a pole pad for free, which make the whole system a whole lot safer to play on.

If You Want a No Nonsense Portable Unit – A lot of people shy away from getting portable basketball goals because they are worried that it won’t be quite as stable, or they won’t be able to get a good sized backboard. While it’s true that in ground lifetime basketball hoops are usually more stable, it is certainly possible to get what you want. A Smart option is the Lifetime 71929 Portable Basketball Hoop with 50 Inch Shatter Guard Backboard. This portable system has a really super large base, make it easier to stabilize a system and an exceptionally large backboard for the price.

If you Want to Play Basketball in the Pool – Basketball doesn’t have to be relegated to your driveway. If you add a basketball hoop to your pool, then you get a fantastic way to add more use to your pool and find more a reason to get out there. The Lifetime Poolside Basketball Hoop with 44 Inch fusion Backboard is a great system because it’s built just for pool use, being situated low enough to shoot on and dunking while wading in a pool. It’s also exceptionally rust resistant, so you can focus little of your time on maintenance and all of your time on having fun.