Incredible videos about eyes

“The eyes are the windows to the soul.” as a saying goes. Therefore, a man and woman are usually said to fall in love with each other at the first sight. And through eyes, we can somehow know about the opposite person like the feeling, characteristics or even intentions. Besides that, in the following thrilling images and vivid videos, you will have chance to witness incredible stories about eyes. Thanks to these outstanding facts, many people were titled Guinness World Record and shocked a lot of people around the world. Let’s discover five strange videos with eyes!


Put a finger into the eye

Eyeball trick



Glance haphazardly


Pop the whole eyeballs out

An Asian guy can pop his whole eyeball out and squeeze it between his eyelids.



Lift weights with eyelids


Squirt milk from eyes

A Turkish man can squirt milk from eye 9.2 feet.



Last but not least, two videos as follows will make you surprising about their unique talent. A goldkeeper can catch the ball exactly like the game “blind man’s buff” and a young boy manages to play rubik in a short time without seeing it.



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