First Dates For Singles Who Are Anxious

First dates usually cause anxiety on both the daters, whether man or
the woman. The lady’s excited, a little anxious and hopeful that the
date might be a successful one. Her job is to find that perfect
fitting outfit and its never as easy as it sounds as she’s tried on
and vetoed dozens of dresses. The man has a lot to plan as well and
prepare if he’s going to wow including picking venues and restaurants
that are appropriate for a perfect date ambiance. Because naturally
there are high expectations for the very first dates, here are a
couple of suggestions of “Just Don’t Do It”.

The man has done well if he has arrived on time and punctually for the
date and even impresses with beautiful flowers. Women appreciate
timeliness in men and can become upset if she is forced to wait on her
date for him. Picking a cheap or tasteless setting is a major “Don’t
Do It”, put serious thought on what kind of impression you’d like to
make. During dinner or drinks, be courteous, ask questions and give
your date your full attention when he or she responds. Texting or
checking your cellphone in their presence is a “Just Don’t Do It”.
Nothing says you’re boring like competing with a game of tetris on
your cell. This one is for the men, do not let the woman pay for the
date especially if you asked her out, kindly ask her to put her money
away if she offers, and be the generous man all woman love to look
for. On a first date, there are certain topics that are just taboo and
you should stay away from. Shy from mentioning old boyfriends or
girlfriends, and stray clear from discussing future weddings and or
marriage plans, as it could frighten your date in to thinking you want
something serious right away before knowing what to expect. Keep on
fun topics and don’t be scared to discuss passionate subjects, such as
your career, your family and interests you might feel strongly about.
Its very important to make your date feel extremely special so don’t
shy from any opportunity on those subjects. Tell her she looks
beautiful and tell him he looks really handsome, even if your unsure.
Be careful with your words, take every precaution not to offend your
date as first impressions count. First date impressions are ever
lasting, and if a second date is desired, be on your game with an even
better edge.